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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hollywood Movies 2

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Imran Mahmood said...


Respected Sir

Last 6 six days i consistently complaint to PTCL help line. First day when i complained someone told me you faced a problem due to line-land problem but line-man not come in coming days, again i complained to ptcl helpline then some one told me, sory your package wrongly converted to 1mb from 2mb, this problem will solve soon. Then i waited for next day.

At morning i received call from person then he asked me what is the problem in your connection. i laughed because i consistently complaint to ptcl helpline and every one told me, your problem will solve soon......And this foolish person asked me what is the problem???? Great Service and i impressed with your customer service as you mentioned in your website:

PTCL Broadband is the largest and the fastest growing Broadband service in Pakistan.

Again just today i complained then some one told me your's line-land problem...hahahahaha start game again where this start from first day........as your's line-land problem.

Now please tell me what is the solution...???? And why you send me bill for ptcl..... so In this case i am your creditor because low service and charge extra money........Think deeply.

I am sending this mail to all Incharge/Supervisor as they can compare your services within own city/area because i think in Lahore PTCL deptt near singpura, Lahore a bundle of complaints not solve properly. Thanks!!!